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Colored Wheelchair Wheels


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Wheelchair wheels - now in color


Northwest Molded Plastics has manufactured wheelchair wheels and tires since 1984. All of our wheels are manufactured in our own facility located in the extreme northwest corner of Ohio. As a family business, we are able to offer our wheels at a competitive price with foreign manufactured wheelchair parts. Our unique design and manufacturing methods make strong lightweight wheel chair wheels and tires. In the manufacturing process, the tires become part of the wheel and cannot be removed. These tires are solid and not hollow which adds to the longer life of the tire. These wheels have been sold to wheelchair manufacturers and dealers both domestic and foreign.
In 2005, Northwest Molded Plastics was prompted by complaints of nurses not being able to keep wheelchairs in their designated areas to offer different bright color wheels for that purpose. The heavy-duty, lightweight, wide-spoke wheel in bright colors is more visible from a distance than the standard designs that are available in today’s market. Ten colors were chosen to offer customers color swatches of these colors placed on the Comtech 2000 website. Northwest is able to install bearings in the wheels to fit all domestic and foreign manufactured wheelchairs. We can also match the rear 24" wheel assemblies with the appropriate size for the front of the manual wheelchairs in matching colors. We offer these colors in a kit form with wheel assemblies and choice of bearings.
These color kits have been purchased not only by hospitals and rehabilitation centers for their purposes but also by individuals who wish to personalize their chairs. The colored wheels have been purchased by some hospitals to use for separate floor designation and other hospitals have chosen them for their various department designations. Rehabilitation facilities have chosen the bright red color for high-fall risk patients. Individuals have purchased bright color wheels to help brighten their day and promote conversation. Innovative individuals will find many more uses for these high-quality wheels.


replacing wheelchair wheels with colored wheels

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replacing wheelchair wheels with colored wheels

Are you tired of hearing complaints from staff about which wheelchair belongs on which floor or department?  Do you want to decrease depression in your patients? Studies show that colors dramatically make a difference.   Colored wheels can also be used to help prevent theft. The spokes are wide enough to place the name of the hospital on them.



Tired of the same old thing?

Brighten up your chair with the trick kit .

The only place to get colored wheels is right here . Bright colored wheels for wheelchair can be purchased directly from us. We also have hub caps for wheelchairs and hand rims for wheelchairs.

Need new bearings? We have bearing for any make or model of wheelchair you have.


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